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Original sketch.jpg

Initial sketch

A raw piece.jpg

Raw piece cut from 3/16" sheet of acrylic. The 1/8" acrylic rod which is in every piece is used to position the piece on the base.

Grinding gig.jpg

Jig for initial grinding of edges 

pieces drying from air brush
Gluing the final piece.jpg
cutting-drilling the base - 132 drill ho
After grinding and sanding.jpg

Basic piece after hand sanding to round all edges and create the translucent look

Pieces drying after airbrushing

1" thick acrylic base.132 holes drilled to "cut" the final base to its 16" diameter size and to create a ragged edge

Holes drilled in base from the mock up.  Each piece is placed in it's hole from the mock up and glued. More black air brushing as pieces are glued in place.

A mock up with unfinished and finished p

Starting with some finished pieces, unfinished pieces are mocked up to create the final overall form

Gordon Davis EW4A4088.jpg
Holes with numbers to match each piece.j

Final mock up on wood base with numbered  holes for the 1/8" rod in each piece. Blue tape for holes/positions that were not used

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