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I am trained as an architect and urban planner.  During my years in school, I experimented with many different artistic media but laid most of that aside as I later focused on the day-to-day aspects of my career. That career, however, gave me the ability to explore and enjoy art but little time to engage in it directly.  As I started to pull back from my working career, I returned to my earlier art explorations, added 40 years of work, thought and experience and then ventured into an entirely new medium for me—metals, and now more recently, acrylics.  I also added my passion for lighting into some of my pieces.


I love three dimensional spaces; I think in three dimensional images.  I love the energy that exists within those images and spaces and how the careful placement of objects, light and forms can change and shape that space and its energy.  I also love the notion that balance, tension, release and progression are concepts that can create their own sense of energy, even when exhibited in otherwise static forms. 


I use steel in most of my work but I use other metals as a piece demands.  I like the idea that this very dense, heavy material is also inherently fluid and can be shaped to convey a sense of grace and energy despite its other properties.  Some pieces I leave rough; some I work to refine and perfect both the form and the surface using different epoxies, paint and coating technologies. The results are shapes, images and movement that have a distance yet call to the viewer as they stand in their perfection of placement and form.

More recently I have started working with acrylics. While completely different to work with than with steel, it's properties allow me to seek a much greater sense of energy  in the shape, assembly and form of the individual pieces and in the final work.  And the airbrush painting technology allows for more transparency  and blending of colors further enhancing  the energy dynamic and visual form.


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